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ALLSTAR Linked Repeater

GB3SR is an analogue Allstar linked repeater. The repeater is located at Friskney, North Lincolnshire,

near Wainfleet and Skegness and is installed to cover these areas.


Repeater Technical details.

TX and RX modules Motorola GM350. Allstar Sound fob interface. Raspberry Pi3 computer

Software Ham VoIP (Doug Crompton Image) Duplexer supplied from China

Tx frequency 430.9125mhz (user rx) Rx frequency 438.5125mhz (user tx) CTCSS 71.9hz

Allstar node number 48940

The repeater should be linked to an Allstar node when not being accessed by local RF users.

Front View
Front Closer View
Internal View
Internal view Showing the  Allstar USB sound fob interface, which is
nestled between the two RF units, the raspberry pi3 is sitting
beneath the interface.
GB3SR Complete unit showing log book and NOV holders contact details.
The repeater is controlled by DTMF tones.
*3<node number> to link
*1<node number> to unlink
(always unlink from a node before linking to another).
*70 gives current linked status
*71 forces disconnection of all nodes
*81 gives current time announcement.
The repeater can accept incoming connections from
other nodes.
Future updates:-
Echolink can be configured if local users request it. IAX telephone portal can be configured if local users
request it. This system can be accessed by both landline and mobile telephones; the software is based
on PBAX telephone exchange.Further information concerning Allstar can be found
Further searches will reveal more information relating to this excellent mode.